FDB cautions public on fake ‘Soklin’ washing powder

The Food and Drugs Board (FDB) has cautioned the public on fake ‘Soklin’ washing powder packaged on the market, which bears the same semblance of the original having the same manufacturer’s name and address and colour presentation.

The two main differences are that the original Soklin has a soapy fragrance whilst that of the fake has no fragrance; the original also lather better than the fake one.

Mr James Lartey, Head of Communication, FDB, told the GNA on Thursday that the matter had come to the notice of the Board and that so long as the “fake” Soklin had not been registered; its safety and efficacy could not be guaranteed.

“It is when we have taken these products to the laboratory, ascertained their safety, that we can assure consumers of its usage but so long as we have not done that, the FDB cannot guarantee its safety”.

Mr Lartey expressed worry about the way some unscrupulous persons continued to disregard the Law and called on government to consider the amendment of the FDB law to make it punitive enough to deter people from doing such things.

He also appealed to consumers to wake up to the reality that the regulatory institutions could not fight these corrupt practices alone but that they needed the support of the public.

Meanwhile, the GNA had learnt that the case of the fake product was taken to court by Hush Company Limited, the original importers of ‘Soklin’ in Ghana and a ruling was given in its favour.

A copy of the ruling cited by the GNA indicated that Hush Company is the recognized registered user of the trademark for the washing detergent ‘Soklin’ with the registration number of 27,260 in Ghana.

It noted that the FDB duly recognizes Hush Enterprise as the sole dealer in the said product according to the FDB Law in Ghana.

The ruling stated therefore that Pedro Company Ltd was illegally importing and packaging the ‘Soklin’ detergent sachets and offering them for sale to the public, which infringes the Trademark Law and the Food and Drugs Law in Ghana.

The FDB said it had organized various Police-assisted swoops to rid the market of fake products countrywide.

Source: GNA

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