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Fake DVLA staff arrested over fake driving license

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The Legon police has in custody a fake DVLA worker identified as Kwadzo Duffour, 55, who issued a fake driving license to one Daniel Jackson Paye, 29, who also used it to open a bank account at the Legon branch of HFC Bank.

Speaking to GNA, the Legon District Police Commander, Superintendent of Police Frank Winfred Anning said the complainant, Mr Kaisey K. Dukuisam who happened to be the Operational Manager of the HFC in Legon, told the police that Paye had applied to open a Bank account with the Legon Branch of the HFC and was asked to provide any form of identification, so he produced his driving license.

Unknown to Paye, the HFC Bank made an inquiry at the Accra DVLA to ascertain the authenticity of his driving license which incidentally was found to be a fake one.

On August 29, 2011, Paye went to the Bank to withdraw money and was apprehended by the Legon HFC Operational Manager and handed over to the Legon Police.

The Legon Police who also continued with the investigation went to the Greater Accra DVLA to find out whether the license produced by the culprit was genuine.

From the investigation it came out that the license was fake so the Police asked paye to show the DVLA staff member who issued him the license and that led to the arrest of Kwadzo Duffour.

According to the Legon District Police Commander, the two would be arraigned for prosecution on Friday August 2, 2011.

Commander F.W. Anning appealed to the general public to be wary of the type of people who loiter at the DVLA offering their services to people who wished to acquire driving incenses and other vehicular documentation.

Source: GNA

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