New diamond mining company says it will improve living conditions

The Great Consolidated Diamonds Ghana Limited (GCDGL), the new owners of the Akwatia diamond mines, says it is committed to improving the living conditions of communities in which the mine operates.

According to a master plan of the GCDGL shown to the GNA at Akwatia, the company will do so through job and wealth creation, education, infrastructure development and good environmental management.

The company’s impact on the communities will include the human resource capacity development of the local people which will be undertaken through informal and formal education.

The company as part of its social responsibilities will continue to provide support to its employees and local communities as was done by the Ghana Consolidated Diamonds, the company it took over from.

GCDGL will provide scholarship to deserving students to secondary and tertiary institutions.

It will provide training facilities at the company’s Engineering and Construction workshops for students in technical and vocational institutions.

Potable water will be provided to all communities affected by the mining operations.

The company will also establish schools and clinics in the communities.

On environmental impact, the company has observed that over the years, the disturbed environment caused by the mining operations had been poorly managed due to the lack of funds and the poor state of mining machinery.

Environmental management therefore shall be conducted in accordance with the relevant international standards.

Emphasis shall be placed on negating environmental degradation and all efforts will be made to ensure that socio-economic and environmental harmony is always achieved through a holistic and sustainable approach.

On land reclamation, the company notes that reclamation of land is a critical issue when it comes to mining in Ghana.

As a local company, GCDGL, is therefore committed to ensuring maximum environmental stewardship of its operations- thus, issues of proper land use and restoration of degraded lands will be at the centre of the company’s operations.

Source: GNA

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  1. GH says

    The pople and this community will hold you on this and it about time Ghana mining and resources communities see the fruit of their resources just like Johannesburg, South Africa

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