Traders, lunatics take over pavements in New Juabeng

Traders and lunatics have taken over walkways and pavements in the New Juaben Municipality, creating congestion in Koforidua Metropolis.

Whiles all sorts of wares had been displayed on the pavements and walkways by traders, as their selling points, lunatics had also turned the little space left as their abode.

Pedestrians are therefore left with no option than to use the streets and some unauthorized areas to make their way through.

The Ghana News Agency had observed that one could hardly walk on the streets and particularly on pavements in Koforidua without encountering the presence of lunatics, who were either sleeping or doing something else.

The lunatics especially, had become a source of worry to people as some of them on numerous occasions had attempted to attack passers-by, who use the pavements.

Recently, some school children, who were using one of the pavements, were hit with a stone by one of the lunatics resulting in a deep cut on the forehead of one of them.

There had also been several cases where people had either been chased or attacked by lunatics on the pavements.

Source: GNA

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