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CPP youth call for resignation of party Chairman

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The former Executive members of the youth wing of Conventional People’s Party (CCP) in tertiary institutions (TESCHART), on Tuesday called for the resignation of Mr Ladi Nylander, National Chairman of the party.

It said an interim committee should be formed to oversee the activities of the party, including the Congress Steering Committee, which had the mandate to hold a successful National Delegates’ Congress.

Addressing the media at a press conference in Accra, Mr Godwin Setsofio, former President of TESCHART, said the chairman had failed to unite the party from the grassroots and raise funds and logistics for the national delegates’ congress.

He said the chairman had betrayed the trust reposed in him and could not be allowed to continue toying with the party.

Mr Setsofio noted that the chairman and his team had grossly mismanaged the party, which had contributed to the collapse of many party offices.

“Even in the case of party faithful donating their premises to be used as offices, they have taken back their properties because of poor maintenance,” he said.

Mr Setsofio said the chairman had also failed to listen to sound advice from experienced and leading members.

“This is recipe for disaster for the party, since it threatens the already fragile cohesion in the party.”

He called on leading members to help to find solutions to the challenges confronting the party.

Source: GNA

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One comment

  1. If Nduom,Nylander,and Delle are really honest men and genuinely want transformation of the CPP,then why are they all fighting Samia?why not hide their old faces behind Samia and help her unite the fragmented Nkrumaist front and become a force?This is common sense,unless these people have other motives.
    50%of voters are the youth and Samia brings yothfulness and experience.This I see is what the youth want.As a typical NDC, I will resign and join CPP the very moment Samia becomes Chairman .Good luck Madam.