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Tecno Ghana launches phone with Wi-fi technology

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Mr. Kwabena Boakye Asante - Marketing Manager, Tecno Ghana

Tecno Ghana, local representatives of Hong Kong telecoms company Tecno International has launched a smartphone fitted with Wifi technology.

A Wi-fi enabled device such as a personal computer, video game console, smartphone, and digital audio player can connect to the Internet when within range of a wireless network connected to the Internet, according to Wikipedia.

The new range of phone known as Tecno T8 was launched last Friday July 8, 2011 in Accra. The company which started operations in Ghana about four years ago, says it has 35% market share of the Ghanaian mobile handset business.

“We currently have 35% of the market share of the handset business and we are working on hitting 55%,” Kwabena Boakye Asante, Marketing Manager of Tecno Ghana told journalists during the launch.

“Our target is to sell 100,000 handsets every month,” he said.

He said Tecno phones are affordable and come with 13 months warranty.

Mr. Asante said Tecno Ghana has 35 handset models on the market and offers employment to more than 20,000 Ghanaians.

He promised that Tecno Ghana will open VIP phone shops in all regional capitals to make shopping for handsets pleasurable to Ghanaians. “Shopping for phones should not bring about inconvenience to customers, moreover we value all our customers,” he said.

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. what is a wifi eenabled phone ???

  2. where is the picture of the phone.?

  3. how much does it cost?, how avaliable is it in Nigeria? and what is the wifi phone all about

  4. how much does T8 tecno phone cost and where can i get one to buy

  5. Pls how much does TECNO T8 cost in the ghanaian market?pls i want to see how T8 looks like.

  6. You are lying. I bought T9 at kumasi and I was given just 3 months warranthy though 12+1 warranthy was written on the box. The phone has a video playback defect but you could not do anything about it. I was told it’s a factory defect and there is nothing they can do

  7. I bought TECNO T8 from COMPUTER VILLAGE MOBILE LINK LTD. on 30/07/2011. The receipt # is 0000554, but up to date I am having problem with some of the functions. (1) during call I can’t record. (2) I can’t place pictures on my contacts. (3) I can’t access my downloads from the memory card. (4) I can’t connect to the internet, even vodafone failed in connecting me. T8 manual does not give detail guidelines on some of these functions so if you can give me some detail procedures on the above mention problems before drawing any conclusion.

  8. I cant say 4 now dat i trust u tecno T8 guys but 4rm wat i’v been hearing 4rm guys out there i’m sacred of risking assuring others abt d phone’s reliability i’m yet 2 draw an awful conclusion.

  9. tecno phone is seventy thousand naira in nigeria and the wifi means wireless

  10. my phone always go off on it own and so on,have been to your center.is now woest.

  11. i am having exactly d same problems with F.K.ADDO above. pls wat is d solution????

  12. TECNO T8 is the worst phone I have ever seen. T9 is far better than T8. The only thing good about it is the wifi and 4GB memory card. But apart from that it really a failure on the part of TECNO GH. They have removed so many features you will find in T9. You can’ t protect your files, you can’t record conversation, you can’t create a play list in the media player. Please if you people really want to control 70% of the Ghanaian market, you better do your home well because phone companies are very competetive

  13. I have been hearing and seeing advatisement about tecno wifi but here in Nigeria the phone cost tooooo much pls let us know the actual price so that we can try and see how good you are guys.

  14. am usin t8 when i store the data account on the fone ,it cannt store why

  15. t8 , why cant u access the manual settin of the internet ,i heed help ,because am loosin intrest………………………………

  16. Hi guys,my new T8 restarts anytime i try looking at the pictures on the phone.Also,when i scroll through the audio playlists and select a track to play,it restarts.What do you think is the problem with it and how do i solve it.Please help because it’s barely 2 months old.

  17. How much does tecnoT9 & T8 cost in nigeria thank u

  18. Tecno T9 now sell for twelve thousand NÀIRÀ in Nigeria,while you can buy TECNO T8 for seventeen thousand NÀIRÀ only.

  19. i cannot use my tecno t8 phone as a modem.the manual does not give any info on it.i need help&directions.

  20. The coment of d guys makes me buy d t8. Phone can not have all d functions.But for me t8 is good.To send photo into contact go to photo & select use as.Don’t do it in file man.

  21. i love the t8 fone. i wifi, use it as modem, record radio broadcast, record fone coversations etc. not having any problems now. i hope it will last. my worry is that ibought it from a shop in accra circle which has tecno stickers. i have reciept. would i have warranty problems?

  22. has any of the tecno phones got the whats up application? my T9 does not have it. any help?

  23. pls each time i want to connect my wifi to wireless nwork,it wil display enter paraphrase,pls help wot do i do,t8 is d best,

  24. I like tecno t9 so much, but problem I have with it is that i can’t upload photos with it on net (facebook). Pls help me with solution to that. Thank you.

  25. How do i set WIFI on my Tecno T8, and how do i use my phone as a modem,thank you.

  26. How do i connect my t8 to the computer and use it as a modem? What is the web site of the company which manufactures techno phones and its soft wares?

  27. Why is it that the tecno t8 does not support youtube.when u want to watch a video on youtube then it will say not supted

  28. please am waiting for a solution to my problem,am highly disappointed that tecno t8 cannot support youtube.

  29. I need tecno d5 in techiman