NPP dispels NDC accusations of interference

The Wa Central constituency branch of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) has called for the creation of a platform for mutual respect between it and the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to enable them conduct a decent campaign towards the 2012 elections.

“The NPP in the constituency respects the NDC and all other political parties in the constituency and will do nothing to disregard or tarnish the image of any political party”, the Party said in a statement at a news conference at Wa.

The Party was responding to accusations leveled against it by the NDC in the constituency that some NPP members in the constituency were interfering in the internal affairs of the NDC and creating acrimonious relationship within the rank and file of the NDC in the constituency.

Mr. Speratus Ongoh, NPP Communication Officer in the Constituency who issued the statement, described the accusation as baseless and unfounded and deliberately concocted to tarnish the democratic credentials of the Party in the constituency.

“The accusation is a face-saving measure to divert attention from the embarrassment caused the NDC and its leadership in the constituency following the revolt of some true NDC members who came out publicly in a press statement to express their disgust and dissatisfaction about the conduct of their leadership in the constituency.”

An NDC group calling itself “Will of the Youth” (WOTY) at a news conference recently accused the NDC leadership of being arrogant, greedy and unfair in their dealings with party members and called for the removal of the Wa Municipal Chief Executive from office.

The NDC leadership in the constituency reacted by denouncing members of the group and described them as NPP members.

Mr. Ongoh stated that no member of the NPP was part of this dissatisfied and aggrieved group and therefore acted in no way to suggest that they were interfering in the internal matters of the NDC.

He said the NPP was focused and not prepared to engage in any form of propaganda but to communicate to the people of Ghana not promises but programmes and projects that the NPP under Nana Akufo-Addo would bring to improve the lives of the people.

He appealed to the aggrieved NDC members to join the NPP if the NDC cannot find space for them.

Source: GNA

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