Age of honest politics dying gradually – Dr Bagah

Dr Daniel Bagah, Dean of the Faculty of Education, Law and Business Studies, (FELBS) at the Wa Campus of the University for Development Studies (UDS) has said the era of honest politicians is gradually eroding.

“The age when politicians were honest, had a vision and cared about the people they represented is dying gradually,” he observed.

Dr Bagah noted that politics today is a circus or show business where politicians represented their parties if supported by party funds or individual interests if supported by individuals rather than the electorate whose thumbprints sent them to Parliament.

Dr. Bagah was addressing participants on the theme: “Political Parties” at the 11th Annual National Constitution Week Celebration, in Wa.

He said this commercialization of politics, compounded by the lack of internal democracy, inadequate funds for political parties, low involvement of women and subtle tribalism were challenges of political parties today.

Dr. Bagah warned that these challenges posed a great threat to the development of democracy.

He, therefore, proposed a national orientation exercise for political parties towards addressing those challenges to ensure the development of democracy in Ghana.

Source: GNA

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