CPP congratulates the Chinese Communist Party

The Convention People’s Party, (CPP) has congratulated the leadership and entire membership of the Chinese Communist Party on the occasion of their 90th Anniversary which falls on July 1st.

A statement issued and signed in Accra, on Wednesday, by Ivor K Greenstreet, General Secretary of the Party said, “on this occasion it is important to recount the relationship that existed between Dr. Nkrumah of Ghana and Chairman Mao of China, who built and shaped our two parties and of how they worked to realize the creation of socialist states.”

It noted that the two founders believed in the equality of opportunity for all and understood that planning was essentials to ensure that each member of the society achieved their full potential.

The statement observed that Dr Nkrumah and Chairman Mao had a strong bond, which set the tone for the long standing good relations the two nations have enjoyed over the years.

“We in Ghana are still committed to the principles and shared vision, which allowed a solid friendship between our two countries in the context of South-South cooperation,” it added.

It noted that the relations continued and was evident in the thriving trade and economic ties between the two countries.

The statement believed that the Communist Party has through its long term planning, led China into being one of the most powerful nations in the world.

“This is commendable and had proved to the world that the principles of Socialism can, and do lead to progress”.

It commended the Party for overcoming many challenges and for coming this far, “We look forward to celebrating many future anniversaries and in continued collaboration for the development of our two countries in peace.”

Source: GNA

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