Food and Drugs Board confiscates unwholesome Spaghetti

The management of Food and Drugs Board (FDB) on Wednesday informed the general public that it had confiscated 4,706 cartons of unwholesome weevil infested spaghetti.

A statement signed by Dr Stephen K. Opuni, Chief Executive of the Boar in Accra said 149 cartons were being offered for sale at First Gate Shopping Mall located at CMB, Accra Central Business District, whiles 4,557 cartons were seized from the warehouse of Eakaza Limited, the distributor of the product.

The product has the following details:

Product Name: Beslen spaghetti
Production date:  03/2010
Expiry date:  03/2011
Batch number: 1003
Manufacturer’s Address: Beslen Makarna Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S, 1 Organize Sanayi Bolgesi, Baspinar Gaziantep Turkey.

The unwholesome Beslen spaghetti shows powdery signs, holes on the sachet packaging material due to the activities of the weevils and emits mouldy smell indicating fungal infestation.

The fungal growth in the unwholesome spaghetti can result in incidence of aflatoxin in the spaghetti which is known to be carcinogenic and thereby posing a health risk to consumers.

The distribution and retail of the unwholesome weevil infested Beslen spaghetti contravenes Section 1(a) of the Food and Drugs Law, 1992 (PNDCL 305B), which states that: “any person that  sells or offers for sale a food that is unwholesome or unfit for human or animal consumption” commits an offence.

The statement said Mr Alex Marfo, Retailer of the 149 cartons of the unwholesome Beslen spaghetti had been handed over to the Police for further investigations and possible prosecution.

The general public is also advised to report any person(s) associated with the distribution of the unwholesome weevil infested Beslen spaghetti or any unwholesome food product to the FDB on any of these telephone numbers: 0244-337235; 0244-337243; 0244-337247; 0244-337251.

“The FDB wishes to assure the general public of its resolve to protect public health and safety,” the statement added.

Source: GNA

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