We invest in local environments – Ceragon Networks

US registered telecoms solution company, Ceragon Networks Ltd says it believes in investing in the local environment in Africa instead of depending on foreign companies and expatriates to expand its business on the continent.

The President of Ceragon for the Africa Region, Mr. John Earley speaking in an exclusive interview with ghanabusinessnews.com said “to be able to deliver our business and to support our customers in Africa, we invest significantly in the local expertise,” he said.

“We find local people with expertise and competence, train to develop them to work with us in delivering our solutions rather than to depend on foreign companies or expatriates to come and do the work for us,” he said in the interview on the sidelines of the West & Central Africa Com telecoms conference in Dakar, Senegal June 15 to 16, 2011.

He indicated however that Ceragon has no ambition to create massive structures to support its businesses on the continent.

In terms of the technology, he said “we have brought a technology to Africa which allows for the rapid expansion of the telecoms sector, which for many people in Africa, it’s the lifeline that they have, particularly in rural areas.”

Ceragon which specialises in backhaul systems, provides the technology that links the transmission towers to the central point where the telecoms operators have their switch centre.

In Ghana, Ceragon has delivered solutions to the Vodafone network. ”Our equipment has significantly aided the development of their network in terms of rolling new services and providing good services to their customers,” Mr. Earley said.

He said the company decided to open an office in Ghana because he sees a bright future for Ceragon in the country.

The company opened the office in Ghana in the last four months and intends to expand the staff strength by the end of the year.

Asked about his views of the telecoms sector in Ghana, he said, “after Nigeria, Ghana is the most exciting market that we can foresee in Africa, because of the political stability.”

He said political stability in the country is aiding the development of the telecoms industry, adding “it’s good for competition as government does not interfere.”

By Emmanuel K. Dogbevi

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  1. Ellen Ayton says

    This is excellent for Africa, I truly believe that Microwave is the right technology for this region. I’m a bit confused why Ceragon is calling themselves a US registered telecoms solution company, when they are Israeli, why hide that? Seems a bit strange.

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