Road crash data records more injury than deaths

Mr Collins Dauda, the Minister of Transport, on Wednesday said within the first quarter of the year injures as a result of road accidents was 3, 166.

The figure for accidents was 2,989 with 540 deaths.

He said investigations conducted by the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) into the recent road crashes attributed the contributory factors to excessive speed, driving tired, fatigue, disabled vehicles left unattended and without advanced warning triangle, driver and pedestrian behaviour, driving under the influence of alcohol and overloading.

Mr Dauda, who made this known when he appeared before the House to answer an urgent question, said road traffic crashes were preventable but required a concerted and determined effort by everyone.

He said measures had been put in place to curb the situation including sustainable steps by NRSC to educate, publish and inform drivers, pedestrians and passengers.

NRSC, DVLA and MTTU joint task force would continue their activities to check vehicles which are not roadworthy, under-aged unqualified drivers and four buses to make operations of the taskforce effective.

He said the Ministry and its agencies are also undertaking some initiatives to deal with the carnage on the roads which include the revised road traffic regulations which will soon be presented to Parliament that is the installation of and use of macrograph, seatbelts and speed limiters.

The National Drivers Academy established by the Ministry in collaboration with NRSC, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority and government technical training centre will take the centre stage to provide formal training for drivers especially commercial vehicle drivers to improve their competence.

Mr Dauda said probationary licensing system developed by the DVLA was part of the graduated licensing system adding that it was a post-licensing measure which imposes restrictions on new drivers and also creates opportunities for young people to develop the necessary skills to help them drive safely until they gain experience.

Source: GNA

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