Report poor services rendered by insurance companies – Insurance Commission

Mrs Emma Ocran, Director of Legal Service at the National Insurance Commission (NIC) has called on vehicle owners, insurers and the public to report poor services delivered by insurances companies to the Commission.

These include delays in the payment of premiums and the lack of education to stakeholders in the transport industry on insurance.

Mrs Ocran made the call at a sensitisation workshop organised by the NIC   on insurance and compensation fund for 30 vehicle owners and drivers within the Accra Metropolitan Area (AMA).

It was meant to educate the public on the functions of the NIC, and the procedures involved in making complaints through NIC’s Complaint and Settlement Bureau.

She explained that the Commission was tasked with the responsibility to protect the interest of individuals in insurance related matters by ensuring that insurance companies adhered strictly to laid down rules and regulations governing insurance policies in the country.

“If you enter into an agreement with any insurance company and they delay or refuse to pay your compensation, NIC should be your first point of reference,” she said.

Mrs Ocran advised drivers to always fulfil their part of the agreement with insurance companies and make prompt report of crashes to their service providers to avoid confusion in making claims.

She stated that it was important for individuals to take keen interest in insurance policies, because in addition to compulsory motor insurance policy for the protection of vehicles and passengers, there was the need to take life, education, marine and retirement insurance policies.

Mrs Ocran noted that fire policy had been made compulsory for all private commercial buildings such as shops, clinics and restaurants, adding “it is now compulsory for individuals to insure private buildings, therefore the Commission will intensify its education to create the needed awareness among the public.”

She cautioned the public not to undertake insurance with companies that were not registered or recognised by the Commission, while individuals and corporate organisations with the intention to set up insurance companies should endeavour to meet the necessary requirements of the NIC.

“Individuals and corporate organisations who wish to establish insurance companies should be financially secured, operate in a conducive environment and be competent with the needed knowledge in insurance matters, “ Mrs Ocran added.

Mr Oliver Bio, Manager of the Legal Department of NIC, advised drivers to ensure they operate with valid driver’s licences and should not hesitate to renew their licences yearly.

He stated that persons who intended to make claims from insurance companies should have valid documents such as police and medical reports and valid driver’s licences.

Mr Ruben Adjeitey, Planning Officer of the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) said drivers had a larger responsibility on issues relating to road safety and should always make sure their vehicles were in good condition before putting them on the road.

He said good and responsible drivers should be defensive, bearing in mind the safety of their passengers and other road users to ensure that they observed all the road safety regulations.

“A defensive driver must be abreast with all road signs and be skilful. Being defensive is not about fighting fellow drivers or passengers on the road,” he said.

Mr Adjeitey cautioned drivers to desist from using mobile phones while driving to ensure full concentration on the road and to avoid crashes.

The participants appealed to the MTTU of the Ghana Police Service and the NRSC to provide more education on road signs for drivers and put in place mechanisms to check the proliferation of unqualified drivers on the roads, especially in the Accra Metropolis.

Source: GNA

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  1. Isaac Asare says

    Elac insurance company agent came to me had convensation with about their funeral policy. After the conversation, he gave me some white paper to fill for him and any time I ready to do the policy, he will submit my particulars. without any notice, i saw their deduction on my payslip. I have contributed for about 30 months and decided to stop. I was told at their office that if I stop, all the money they have deducted from salary is gone, they will not give me a pesewa, i agreed and terminated the contract. For about nine months now they have failed to stop my deductions from our pay office. I have gone there several time but all that they keep on telling me is we will stop it, so please what can I do to Elac Insurance company? thank you.

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