Dededo’s cleanliness lures tourists

The Dededo Community near Ho continues to attract tourists because of its proverbial cleanliness.

Consequently, a guest house has been built to accommodate tourists who visit the community.

A “colony” of members of the Apostles Revelation Society (ARS) in Dededo with its strict rules and regulations on religious and moral discipline and cleanliness, was adjudged the cleanest community in the Ho Municipal area by the Community Water and Sanitation Agency in the year 2000.

The ninth of the twelve “commandments” pronounced by the late Mawu Fe Ame C.K.N. Wovenu, Founder of the ARS and the community is that, “The Town must be kept constantly tidy.”

The settler community which is on a disputed land between the people of Peki and Tsito for the past 50 years has co-existed in peace with its two landlords.

Dededo is a well laid out community with access roads to every house with no bushy areas between houses.

The well swept streets and alleys are lined with trees while goats and sheep are constantly penned.

At the launch of its Golden Jubilee recently, Togbe Azadagli Dededo I, Chief of Dededo described the community as a “Holy City”.

He told the GNA that the cleanliness of the community coupled with its spiritual identity as the “ARS Salvation Town” was attracting many, necessitating the construction of a guest house for visitors.

Togbe Azadagli Dededo said the orderliness in the Town was due to the peace-loving nature of the residents.

The inhabitants of Dededo refer to themselves as the “chosen people of God” and the town as the “promised land” where everybody is a member of the ARS Church.

Source: GNA

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