National Chief Imam condemns homosexual practices

Chief Imam Nuhu Sharabutu

Sheikh Dr Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu, the National Chief Imam, on Monday called on all and sundry to desist from accepting, homosexual practices, which might attract and bring destructions to the nation.

“Our country is on track for creating better society, better living standards and better quality of lives devoid of poverty and illiteracy for its citizenry if we reject this undignified and immoral act that it’s not even practiced by animals in the jungle,” he said.

Sheikh Sharubutu, who made the call in a statement issued in Accra to condemn homosexuality in the country, said “Islam forbids homosexual practices (sexual relations between two men or between two women), regarding it as a great sin.  In a society under Islamic law, such practices would be severely punished”.

The National Chief Imam said Ghanaians in their adherent to the rule of law, provisions of the Constitution and desire for national peace, unity and development, had made the people a family, irrespective of colour, religions and ethnicity.

He said: “Although the Ghanaian society and culture is very liberal in many areas, we command humble, dignified and decent lives and cultures and that is the moiré reason why our constitution talks about the dignity of all persons as “inviolable.

“In as much as we strive, in our quest for perpetual peace and development, to attain heights in developmental projects we should not allow or tolerate the infiltrations of foreign cultures into our sacred societies.

“Family is crucial and important element in the fabric of our society and the destruction of a family amounts to the destruction of a community and the destruction of a community amounts to the destruction of a nation, may the Merciful God forbid that from happening in Ghana”.

Source: GNA

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