Company still irritating residents despite EPA warning

A resident at the Westland area in Haatso Papao, near Legon, in Accra has made a public complaint about the continuous operation of Sandos Poly Products, threatening legal action if the management did not cease operation immediately.

Mr Jacobson Nii Lante-Aryee is asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) to enforce their laws and stop the operations of the company to spare him and other residents the noise in the area.

Nii Lante-Aryee told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in an interview in Accra that persistent warnings from the EPA to the Managing Director of the company, Mr Yaw Andoh, to stop operations and relocate had fallen on deaf ears.

He said the company, which produces sachet water bags had heavy machines that generated noise in the residential area for 24 hours daily.

“It has been very difficult to wink a sleep in the night when the company is in operation and the machines are working, “Nii Lante-Aryee said, adding that some of the residents had had to fix air–conditioners before they could abate the noise from the company.

What aggravated the problem, according to Nii Lante-Aryee, was that the machines were installed in a wooden structure, which added to the problem.

He appealed to the EPA to come to the aid of the residents and force the management to stop its operations.

Source: GNA

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