Churches called upon to fight against poverty

The Reverend Dr Kojo Osei-Wusu, President of the Ghana Baptist University College, has called on the Church to provide the needed leadership in the fight to purge the society of injustices.

He said the Church must everything to help achieve some level of fairness to make life a bit comfortable for all.

Rev Osei-Wusu who was preaching at a special service by the Grace Baptist Church in Kumasi, on the theme: “Contending earnestly for the faith through evangelism and social action – Meeting the criteria for passing God’s final exams,” said the Church must stand with the poor and the vulnerable.

He said the Church should act as powerful advocacy for those who had no means to support themselves and were in distress.

Rev Osei-Wusu condemned the hypocrisy of people professing to be Christians but whose actions tended to worsen the suffering of the poor.

He said it was important for all followers of Christ to accept to support the poor and the under-privileged, stressing that Christians were enjoined by their faith to extend the love of God to the vulnerable.

Source: GNA

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