Muslims enjoined to desist from usage of drugs

An Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Hussein Idris Molah, has admonished Muslims to refrain from the use of any form of substance that might affect any part of their body or soul.

He said that the teachings of Islam are not only against the intake of alcohol but also against any dangerous substances such as cocaine, Indian hemp, cigarette and other harmful herbs.

Sheikh Idris Molah, who gave the advice when preaching at a dawn (Fajir) prayers at Libya Quarters, (UN) Madina Zongo in Accra, said Islam also requires one to be in a sound mind and body to worship and pray to Allah.

He noted that the indiscriminate use of drugs, smoking and excessive use of alcohol had seen a rise in early deaths of people who could have lived longer to contribute towards the development of their communities as well as the outbreak of preventable diseases in the society.

The Islamic scholar also advised the youth to desist from copying blindly certain practices that might lead them into contracting illnesses and diseases that affect their upbringing and their socio-economic development.

He cautioned the members, saying anybody who deliberately indulges in the use of drugs or substances would meet the wrath of Allah and be punished accordingly just like those who commit suicide or adultery.

Sheikh Idris Molah called on all, especially Muslim brethren and people living in drug communities to condemn such negative practices that had become very common as well as to assist the security services in weeding out such miscreants in the society.

He condemned the current spate of immoral activities such as gay and lesbianism in the society and called on parents to guide and guard their children from such influences since Allah abhors and condemns such practices.

Sheikh Idris Molah advised Muslim parents not to close their eyes against the negative practices of Muslim youth, who indulge in ‘Sakawa’ (Internet Fraud), get rich quick attitude, western cultures and indecent dressing but rather to continue to admonish them to lead decent lifestyles.

He also urged Muslim men to support their wives to provide for their children basic education, adding that “Not only should we seek knowledge, but when we learn it, it becomes obligatory on us to practice it since knowledge without action is useless.”

“It is essential to understand that the greatest gift of Allah – for which we are so overwhelmed with gratitude – depends primarily on knowledge.

Without knowledge one can’t truly receive Allah’s gift of Islam, he noted.

Source: GNA

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