Rawlings asked to apologize to President Mills, NDC

The Northern Alliance for Better Ghana (NAFBEG), an NDC group, has asked former President Jerry John Rawlings to apologize to president Mills and the NDC fraternity for accusing the Mills government of embezzlement.

A press statement, issued by the NAFBEG and signed by Mr Sulleman Abubakar Bayeta, General Secretary, and copied to the Ghana News Agency, said it has noticed that “there is a machine” in the NDC bent on destroying President Mills because of Nana Konadu Agyeman-Rawlings presidential ambition.

The group has called on the former President Rawlings to apologize to the president and the party, “since he characterized President Mills as very good and recommended him to lead the party, and campaigned for him to lead the party in 2000, 2004 and 2008”.

It said the former President’s action has demonstrated disrespect for authority and washed the party’s dirty linen in public, which was a violation of the party’s constitution.

The statement said former President Rawlings had earlier accused President Mills of surrounding himself with greedy bastards and that corruption had been institutionalized under his government, and lambasted his administration when the accused persons in the Ya-na murder case were freed by the judiciary.

The statement also said Presidents Rawlings sometimes used Mr Adams, Mr Michael Teye Nyaunu, Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Constituency, in the Eastern Region and Mr Herbert Mensah, close friend of the Rawlingses to launch vicious attacks on the Mills government.

It said persons, who over react to former President Rawlings comments in the media must also put a stop to it “since two wrongs do not make right”, adding that, he (Rawlings) is still the engine that moves the NDC machine.

The statement noted that care must be taken not to throw the party into opposition and called on party faithfuls to unite after the Congress slated for 8th-10th July towards the 2012 elections.

Source: GNA

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