Yendi’s source of drinking water dries up

River Dakar, the main source of water for Yendi and its surrounding communities, has dried up and has made it difficult for the Ghana Water Company to pump water from its water works to supply the town.

The Yendi Municipal Manager of Ghana Water Company, Mr Peter Wuni, said this when he conducted the Yendi Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Issah Zakaria, and others around the river and the water works.

Mr Wuni said the three mechanized boreholes which were to pump water into a well for the supply of water to the town is not functioning due to the lack of transformer to supply power to the mechanized boreholes.

He said the people now depend on a few mechanized boreholes provided by the Church of Christ and UNICEF but this is not enough for the entire population of the town.

Mr Zakaria appealed to the company to repair the broken down transformers and said there was the need to employ an engine attendant and a security man to take care of the mechanized boreholes instead of leaving them unguarded.

He warned those who fish and farm along the banks of the river to stop otherwise they would be prosecuted.

The Yendi Municipal Assembly Engineer, Mr Abukari Yakubu, appealed to the Ghana Highway Authority to rehabilitate the bridge on the River Dakar because it might collapse soon.

Mr Yakubu said the bridge, which was constructed in the 1950s, had not received any repairs, the main pillars supporting it are now weak and can no longer support the bridge and the heavy duty lorries which cross it.

Source: GNA

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