Teachers displeased with injustices under Single Spine Salary

The Volta Regional branch of Teachers and Educational Workers Union (TEWU) reminded government that the exclusion of its members from the 15 percent retention premium under the Single Spine Salary Structure (SSS) amounted to injustice.

“Even teachers who are in the various offices just like the non-teaching staff are paid the 15 per cent retention premium why the blatant disregard for TEWU members”.

It has therefore given its national leadership up to June 15 to resolve the issue with the government and the Fair Wages and Salary Commission or “we will advise ourselves”.

This was contained in a statement signed by Mr. Anthony Nyalemegbe, Acting Volta Regional Chairman of TEWU, at the end of its regional delegates’ meeting on Wednesday.

The statement said there was also a huge disparity with regard to where a teacher who holds the same qualification with an educational worker was placed.

It said a Senior Superintendent II, who holds a Higher National Diploma (HND), was placed at level 14 high on the Single Spine Salary Scale while an accountant with the same qualification was placed at level 14 low.

It said teachers who were in headship positions were paid responsibility allowances by putting them higher above their base levels on their grades but members of TEWU who are also heads of their sections like Principal Accountants and Principal Domestic Bursars were neglected.

The statement said even within TEWU, there were disparities in salary placements.

It said new grades which were introduced to the teaching class were recognized and treated as such but no recognition was given to new grades introduced into the non-teaching grading structure.

The statement expressed the hope that the government would address the issues raised as members of TEWU also contributed immensely towards the growth of education.

Source: GNA

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