Ghanaian clergy urged to be outspoken against evil and oppression

Reverend Richard E.M. Kwawukume, Presiding Elder of the Keta District of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Zion Church, Wednesday exhorted the clergy to be outspoken against oppression and evil in society.

“A Prophet stands against all evil,” he said, quoting the Bible to illustrate his point.

He was preaching during the opening session of the 112 Session of the East Ghana Annual Conference of the Church in Ho under the theme: “Look into your Hands – Our God is Able”.

He said as God’s servants, the clergy were raised to neutralize bad rulers and eliminate oppressive rule.

Reverend Kwawukumey said as Prophet Elijah in the time of King Ahab of Israel, David the Shepherd against Goliath and Moses against Pharoah so were the servants of God today expected to be bold and fearless in defending the people and asserting God’s authority in society.

“In your afflictions in ministry, God is there to remove and place you where He wants you to be,” he said.

“Be ready to listen to God as He listens to you,” he said and expressed regret that most of today’s prophets “listened to their stomachs to the detriment of the gospel they are to preach”.

“God is able to supply us our every need if only we continue to trust Him,” he said.

Source: GNA

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