Muslim group launches documentary on domestic violence

A 60 minutes documentary which explores the life of Muslim married couples and their relationship was premiered in Accra on Saturday with a call on Muslims to change distasteful behaviours that affect their relationships.

The documentary, titled ‘Domestic Violence,’ which travels through two family scenarios, is in English and Twi.

It features personalities including Edinam Atatsi, Sheikh Yakub Abban and Agnes Danfred and is in parts One and Two.

The first part shows a domineering and aggressive wife who nags daily and attacks the husband on the least provocation, whilst the second part depicts a wife-beater who has no patience with the wife and beats her any time he pleases, until the son decides to defend his mother by reporting his conduct to the Police.

The documentary is the brainchild of the Coalition of Muslim Organisations, Ghana (COMOG) in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs.

Alhaji Abubakar Yakubu Sirdic, Principal Administrative Officer, in charge of Radio Administration, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, who launched the documentary, noted that the scenarios depict distasteful situations in Muslim societies that should be eradicated for sound family life.

He said the lessons in the documentary illustrated the teachings in the Holy Koran that enjoined all Muslims to respect each other.

Alhaji Sirdic therefore stressed the need for the revival of the communal spirit which would be enhanced through the translations of the teachings and regulations that every Muslim is enjoined to abide by.

He said it was gratifying that COMOG had taken its religious education to a higher technological level that would not only enhance understanding of the teachings of the Holy Prophet Mohammed but would go a long way to ensure that good family behaviours were improved.

Alhaji Mohammed Baba Alhassan, General Secretary of COMOG, said the documentary was to ensure caring and sound family units so that the man and woman could contribute to the up-bringing of family members through the interpretation of the Islamic teachings and practices.

He said children whose upbringing was interrupted by the misunderstanding between a couple lacked good education as a result of which most of them indulged in anti-social vices.

Alhaji Baba Zurak, a member of COMOG, said the lack of education, especially of the Muslim girl-child, should be the concern of all since the lack of support and indifference towards their upkeep had been the bane of the Muslim child.

Sheikh Yakub Abban, a Muslim Scholar and one of the characters in the documentary, said the preview was to educate the public on the evils of domestic violence and its effects on family life and the upbringing of children.

He quoted parts of the Koran that enjoins the Muslim man to accord his wife the due respect and recognition so that collectively they could develop and enhance the success of their family.

Alhaji Abdel Hanan Abdel Rahman, Project Coordinator of COMOG, said the documentary was to facilitate the teachings of Muslim Scholars and preaching in the Mosques through illustrations to enhance understanding.

He said COMOG had drawn up plans of embarking on discussions on gender and rights based issues through documentaries of social happenings for the education of the general public both Muslims and non Muslims.

The first copy of the documentary was bought at 100 Ghana cedis.

Source: GNA

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