I’ll overhaul CPP for Election 2012 – Prof. Delle

Prof. Edmund Delle

Professor Edmund N. Delle,a former National Chairman and Leader of Convention Peoples Party (CPP), on Saturday called for total overhauling of the party structures from the ward to the National Executive headship for greater impact in Election 2012.

“As a medical practitioner and politician, I have vigilantly diagnosed the electoral haemorrhage of the party under the Fourth Republic which has seen its political fortune dwindling, and I’m convinced that the party urgently needs a ‘Political Overhauling, Replenish and Set-in-Motion (ORS) Blue Print,’ for recovery.”

“Collectively, all members of the CPP need to join forces for re-examination, to dismantle, and make extensive renovations or revisions in order to repair the party structures from ward through the constituency, regional and national levels,” Prof Delle told the Ghana News Agency in an interview in Accra.

Prof Delle who is seeking to recapture the National Chairmanship and Leadership position of the CPP, noted that: “I have developed a strategic ‘Political ORS Blue Print’ which would be launched to coincide with the picking of nomination forms as soon as the party opens nominations.

Giving hints of the blue print, Prof Delle said the CPP needed to replenish its human resource base through capacity building of its leaders including identifiable groups – Youth and Women’s wings; Tertiary networks; Council of Elders; past and present Members of Parliament and leading members to understand modern mission of the party.

He said as part of replenishing the party, “all hands on deck approach will be adopted to utilise the knowledge, resources and manpower of members….in view of this, a special intra-party dialogue platform will be created for all CPP Flag bearer Aspirants before and after the contest to reduce any animosity among them”.

Prof Delle said the final stage of the blue print would focus on setting-in-motion modalities for making greater impact in Election 2012.

He cautioned delegates and aspirants who would be attending the party’s national delegates’ congress slated tentatively for June ending to avoid electoral manipulations.

Prof Delle said: “CPP stands at the crossroads – to move backward into political disintegration or set a democratic standard of coming out of the congress more united with both winners and losers jubilating together.

“Posterity has ordained delegates to the congress to have their names written with golden ink as making a wise political decision by voting massively for me to execute the Political ORS Blue Print to ensure victory in Election 2012 and eventually giving mother Ghana capable and competent leaders for socio-economic development”.

Prof Delle urged the delegates to critically examine the campaign messages and other wooing antics of the aspirants and decide on whom to entrust fortunes of the party.

He pledged to build the party linking all constituencies to their regional offices and linking the regional offices to the national offices for effective communication.

Prof Delle said: “We need to build a party and democratic system of administration under which all members will be able to contribute to the welfare, peace and prosperity of our great party and keep it from dictatorship and oppression.

“I will harness to the full the human and financial resources of the party and ensure development of all from the ward level through regional and national without discrimination”.

He said funds mobilisation, strengthening of the party structures, and empowerment of all party functionaries and organs from the ward levels through the constituencies to national must be pursued with all urgency.

“I stand out as the most affable, politically mature, with an unblemished reputation both in private and public life, international exposure and highly connected, high diplomatic negotiation skills and ability to work with every Ghanaian irrespective of one’s political background.”

Prof Delle called on the delegates to look beyond monetary considerations when deciding who should occupy executive positions in the party, “our focus should be on choosing capable men and women of integrity and acumen to lead us to another electoral victory”.

Source: GNA

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