NDC Youth Forum proposes road map for peace in party

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Youth Forum on Friday proposed a roadmap to the leadership of the party for lasting peace and unity within its fraternity following the ongoing bitter intra power struggle.

The NDC Youth Forum said it was convinced that what had eluded the party in recent times was the inability to respect and sustain the values which united its members as one family.

Addressing a press conference in Accra Mr Christian Badger, Secretary for the body said the Youth Forum was calling for an urgent in-camera meeting to be attended by the three candidates for the flag bearer slot, the Vice President, the Founder and the National Functional Executives of the party under the auspices of Mr Harry Sawyer and Dr Mary Grant.

Mr Badger said the Forum had observed that many of the wards and branches in the decentralised centres of the party had collapsed and proposed that money currently used for campaigns should be re-channelled to resuscitate these critical structures.

He said the Youth Forum was also advocating as a matter of urgency the convening of a National Peace Rally to demonstrate the leadership’s open commitment to peace and harmony.

The Forum urged leaders of political parties to recognise the correlation between political party administration and governance of the State.

The Forum said it disagreed with people who said the party was presently not confronted with a devastating situation that had the high propensity to lead to its demise and eventual loss of power in 2012.

He said the leadership of the party needed to give hope to the youth and supporters whose only choice was NDC and would not forgive them if it failed to put its house together.

Mr Badger warned that if care was not taken the party would be set on the path of destruction resulting to dishonesty, hypocrisy, autocracy, nepotism and egocentrism.

The Forum therefore called for a truce within the party and urged the leadership of the party to live up to expectation in ensuring peace and internal cohesion within the rank and file of the party.

Source: GNA

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