Offshore Petroleum Bill, among 25 Bills slated for second meeting of Parliament

The Offshore Petroleum (Health and Safety), Renewable Energy, Maritime Pollution and the Ghana Maritime Security Amendment Bills are among some 25 bills to be presented to Parliament during this Second Meeting for passage.

Some 37 papers covering local and international agreements including an International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage are also expected to be laid before the House for ratification during this session.

These are contained in the Parliamentary Agenda for the Second Meeting of Parliament.

According to the agenda, there are over hundred notices of questions lined up for ministers of state to appear before parliament and provide answers.

The Minister of Finance is expected to respond to various questions such as measures being put in place to protect depositors in the wake of the increasing number of banks and other financial institutions being established.

The Communications Minister is also expected to respond to various questions including how much revenue has accrued from the Communication Service Tax between 2009 and 2010 and whether any of the six communications companies in Ghana has a device that records or listens into conversations of citizens of this country.

The Energy Minister will, among others, also respond to questions on measures being put in place to ensure that Ghanaian entrepreneurs participate competitively in the emerging oil and gas business.

By Eunice Menka

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