Development partners supporting Ghana’s malaria control commended

The Yendi Municipal Director of Heath Service, Mrs. Denisia Agong Kara, has commended development partners collaborating with the Ghana Health Service in the control of malaria nation wide.

She, however, lamented that even though effective measures were being taken, including the training of all health staff to control malaria, the disease continued to affect some people.

Mrs. Agong Kara made the commendation at a day’s District and Municipal Activation Planning meeting on Malaria, organized by Promoting Malaria Prevention and Treatment (PROMPT) Ghana, in collaboration with Yendi Municipal Ghana Health Service, at Yendi in the Northern Region.

Participants drawn from Yendi Municipal, Zabzugu/Tatale and Saboba Districts would be expected to educate members of their communities through durbars, on the benefits of using insecticide treated bed nets and keeping the environment clean, after the meeting.

She said pregnant women and children were most vulnerable to malaria and some people could work due to the disease.

The Community Outreach Specialist of PROMPT Ghana, Mr. Alexis Ayelepuni, said that the group is a product of US Agency for International Development Cooperation Agreement led by University Research Council in collaboration with the Population and Malaria Consultant which started in March, 2009 and expected to end in March, 2012.

He said that the programme sought to improve the outcome of National Malaria Control Programme by strengthening its capacity.

Mr. Ayelepuni asked the participants to sensitize the people, particularly pregnant women, on the usage of sulphadolfin paramitamin and Artimisinim based combined Therapy.

The Yendi Municipal Public Health Nurse, Madam Getrude Yentumi, asked the participants to lobby their Assemblies and non-governmental organizations for support to help in the implementation of malaria control programmes.

She said that malaria was among the top ten disease reported to the Yendi Government Hospital and also among the ten causes of deaths in the Municipality.

Madam Yentumi said the Municipal Activation sought to initiate and forge strategic alliance with other decentralized departments and agencies and organized groups within the Municipality to undertake malaria campaign.

The Regional Health Promoter, Mrs. Yakubu Rahinatu Abukari, said malaria in its effects could be seen as part of a vicious cycle in economic depression both at the family and the community level.

She said within a month, illness from malaria could lead to as much as 25 per cent loss in earnings.

Mrs Abukari noted that continued bout of malaria is known to slow children’s cognitive, educational and social development.

Source: GNA

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