Talensi Nabdam District to curb migration of children to the south

The Talensi Nabdam Distinct Assembly, has initiated strategies to prevent the migration of school children from the area to the Southern part of Ghana during holidays.

The Presiding Member (PM) of the Assembly, Mr James Kozabre, disclosed at a thanksgiving ceremony for 53 assembly members, who endorsed him as the PM for the assembly.

He said that the migration was not limited to the District but the entire Upper East Region was affected.

Mr Kozabre cited that the Regional Minister, Mr Mark Woyongo, on several occasions has used the Police to intercept school children traveling to the Southern sector of the country during holidays.

He said: “This strategy adopted by the Regional Minister is not adequate, what is needed most is to organise durbars, sensitization and education programmes in the communities to sensitize the people about the negative effects of the migration of school children to the south”.

Mr Kozabre called on the authorities to promote education the Region to reduce poverty in the area adding that the Region had enormous potential that could be exploited for development.

He cited the Talensi Nabdam tourist sites that include the extra-ordinary natural rocks, Tengzuk shrine and the stone quarry.

Mr Kozabre appealed to the assembly members to bury their political differences and ensure unity for the development of the area.

He said the assembly would seek funding from donors to complement the District Assembly’s Common Fund adding “I will also lobby citizens outside the country to contribute to development of the area.

Mr Kozabre said that he would ensure that construction of the Winkongo-Tongo, Zuarungu-Pelingu and Pelingu Sakoti roads which have been abandoned for the past years, were complete.

Source: GNA

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