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African leaders challenged to work towards a united continent

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African Leaders have been asked to work towards a strong, vibrant and united continent, and to resist neo-colonialism in Africa.

They were reminded that despite the enormous natural resources at their disposal, without unity, Africa cannot experience any sustainable development.

The call was contained in a statement signed by Mr Albert Amekudzi, International Relations Secretary of the Ghana Union of Professional Students (GUPS), copied GNA in Accra, to mark the African Union Day that falls on 25 May.

“All African leaders who wish to see a peaceful and developed Africa need to work towards peace, eradication of hunger and diseases and building a better future for the youth of today”, the statement said.

It appealed to African leaders to involve the youth in the building of a peaceful continent.

The statement said: “We remind African leaders that the new revolution/rebellion in North Africa is a signal to all long serving African leaders to promote good governance and democracy in their respective countries.”

The GUPS asked President Murmar Gaddafi, rebels and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation forces in Libya to cease fire and adopt a new and different strategy in resolving the political crisis in that country, to end the killing of innocent civilians.

The statement said it is incumbent on President Gaddafi to stop the destruction in Libya now.

It said: “We consider President Gaddafi to be a man of integrity and dignity, who can bring peace to Libya.”

The statement said: “We congratulate all African Heads of State who have demonstrated a strong commitment to building a united Africa.

The GUPS called on regional blocs on the continent such as the Economic Community of West African States, Southern Africa Development Community and Eastern Africa Community to forge together towards a united Africa.

Source: GNA

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