Prioritise rural development – MCE tells unit committees

Mr Anthony Egyir Aikins, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Cape Coast has called for a practical comprehensive national development centred on rural development.

He stated that development of the country should not be urban based but rather, rural oriented.

The MCE made this statement when he inaugurated unit committee members of all the 45 electoral areas in the Cape Coast Metropolis on Friday at a brief ceremony in Cape Coast.

He explained that the structure of the unit committee was to further strengthen the decentralization process and urged the members to make the development of the metropolis a priority.

“A strong partnership with existing traditional structures will facilitate an accelerated growth of the Metropolis.” he advised.

Mr Aikins said he had resolved to use his remaining time in office to collaborate effectively with assembly and unit committee members to work on the field and liaise closely with the masses to enable him to address the challenges in the metropolis.

He noted that there was likely to be conflicts among committee members but cautioned the members against being petty, saying the over indulgence in the politicization of issues and could derail development and translate into economic hardships.

He, therefore, appealed to the members to go through the right channels in addressing their grievances.

He entreated members to be selfless in carrying out their responsibilities and urged them to take up developmental initiatives as functional and influential partners in the development process of the Metropolis but not as individuals who would just pride themselves as committee members.

The MCE said he would, on his part, ensure accountability and transparency in everything, especially in the award of contracts.

Mr Atta Mensah, the Presiding Member who chaired the function, reiterated the calls on members to contribute their quota to aid the development of the metropolis and asked them to work diligently.

Source: GNA

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