Concerned NDC members want KEEA MCE sacked

Some members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem (KEEA) on Friday, appealed to the President to the immediately remove the KEEA Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Rev. Mrs. Veronica Essuman Nelson from office for breeding division in the Party.

According to the group calling itself the “concerned NDC Members”, the apathetic behaviour towards executive members as well as the use of divide and rule tactics was collapsing the party in the constituency and intimated that the MCE was not a true NDC member.

At a press conference in Elmina , the group led by Mr. Steven Kwesi Thompson, warned that if care was not taken, the NDC will loose the 2012 elections in the constituency due to “the bad attitude of the MCE who has no intention whatsoever, to help build the party right from the grassroots”.

They enumerated among other allegations that the MCE had failed to visit the various villages and towns in the constituency to disseminate the Better Ghana Agenda policies and programmes of the government to the people thus preventing the party from increasing its support base.

They said her human relationship was not the best as she had strained relations with the Member of Parliament, the constituency chairman and many members of the party among others.

She had on numerous occasions been insolent and shown gross disrespect to visitors who call on her at the office to discuss issues concerning the Party, citing an example where branch executives made several attempts to meet her but she failed to receive them directing them to the constituency chairman.

The group said the attitude of the MCE was as a result of the support she was receiving from the Regional Minister, Mrs. Ama Benyiwa-Doe, whom they said was shielding her and warned her to distance herself from the MCE to save her reputation.

Another bone of contention was that the MCE attempted to remove the name of the current Presiding Member of the KEEA Assembly, Mr. Ebenezer Jones Edumadze-Acquah, from the government appointees list and this they said would have further divided the party because, the man was very popular and supports constituency work.

The members recalled that past district chief executives and MPs of the Party worked hard to ensure a formidable front and therefore the entire membership will not sit down for only one person to destroy the Party “before we cry wolf”.

They in this regard called on the President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills whom they described as a “listening President” to immediately remove Rev. Mrs. Essuman Nelson from office to save the Party from defeat in the 2012 general elections.

Source: GNA

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