Ghana sourcing for $95m agric loan from Brazil

The Food and Agriculture Ministry is discussing the possibility of sourcing a $95 Million loan form Brazil to procure tractors and machines for farmers in the rural areas.

Nii Amasa Namoale, a Deputy Minister, met a Brazilian Mission on Tuesday to discuss how best the machines could be used and to develop policies that would favour small scale farmers in the rural areas.

He said the loan was part of a co-operation pact with Brazil dubbed: ‘More Food African Program’ where Brazil would support African countries to produce more foods for its populace.

Nii Namoale said it would basically concentrate on commercial agriculture to be able to preserve the environment and keep and empower small scale farmers to be able to feed their families and continue to provide for the nation.

He said 85 per cent of food consumed in the country was produced by rural small scale farmers, adding that, the meeting was to discuss ways of upgrading their work with the appropriate machines, technology and marketing skills.

Nii Namoale urged District Assemblies to also sustain the small scale farmers for them to be empowered economically and socially and to produce enough for their families and the whole country.

Mr Luis Fernando Serra, Brazilian Ambassador to Ghana, said the loan would help alleviate poverty in African countries and to help reduce the rate of imports and rather increase the exports.

He said, “The loan would not only help Ghana to stop importing almost every thing but would also help it feed its population sufficiently and export the surplus.”

Mr Serra said it was also to create a stronger and richer Africa, which could face the current changes in the world.

Source: GNA

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