IEA asks Parliament to gallop passing of Presidential Transition Bill

Dr Michael Ofori-Mensah, a Policy Analyst at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) on Tuesday called on Parliament to gallop the process of passing the Presidential Transition Bill and its enforcement regulations.

He said the passing of the Bill which was before the House since October 2010 would put to rest the acrimony that replete the transition process.

Making reference to the two transitions that took place in Ghana he said the 2001 and 2009 exercises were characterised by claims that the out- going administrations had illegally acquired State assets including cars, real estates and household goods.

This according to him sparked considerable amount of public anger given rise to former ministers being hauled out of their cars by perceived government activists.

“The bill will enhance good governance in Ghana and serve as a guiding principle for future transitions. I therefore appeal to Parliament to look at this proposed legislation with utmost urgency,” he said.

“Passing the Presidential bill is the beginning of a long process,” he added.

Dr Ofori-Mensah said Clause 8 of the draft authorised the embellishment of the Presidential Estate Unit, which would be responsible for securing and taking inventory of all assets and property of the Government and ensure their proper upkeep.

Such assets according to him were property not vested in the Lands Commission.

Dr Ofori-Mensah who was interacting with the Ghana News Agency (GNA) said the office of the Administrator General would be a standing office prescribed in the Bill.

He said the Bill would cater for transparency and accountability as ministers who destroy State property while in Government bungalows could be requested by the Administrator General to replace them.

He said the proposed office would replace the Prestige Unit of the Public Works Department, which according to him might not be able to hold Government officials who misuse government property.

Dr Ofori -Mensah said one of the biggest challenges that confronted the team was lack of guiding principles, acrimonious boycotts and accusation of bloated budget.

He proposed to Parliament to extend the mandate of the Presidential Estate Unit to cover all Government assets.

Source: GNA

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