Two Ivorian journalists go into hiding after receiving death threats

Two Ivorian journalists have gone into hiding after receiving death threats, the Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) has said.

The two are Zogbo Blé Denis of the state-owned Ivorian Broadcasting Service (RTI) and Claude Kipré of Top Visages, a weekly magazine.

The Media Foundation for West Africa (MFWA) citing its correspondent said that Zogbo Blé, a producer and presenter of “Excellence” a popular programme on RTI, received two calls on May 8, 2011 from a caller who only identified himself as “Commandant F” and threatened to storm his home at 21 Hours GMT.

The correspondent said Zogbo Blé’s home was looted on April 13, two days after Laurent Gbagbo, the former president, was deposed. His wife Josiane Badet, a former journalist, also had her car damaged. He says he has been in hiding since this incident, whilst continuing with his work.

According to Kipré, he has been receiving threatening telephone calls on his cellular phone from unknown persons. Kipré alleged that since April 1, some strange people have been threatening that they would harm him and his family. Others have also gone to his family house on the pretext of coming to have a chat with him. The journalist claims that he has fled Abidjan to seek refuge in a small town.

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