PTA to assist government to improve education in Bawku

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA), in the Bawku municipality, had taken steps to assist government to improve on education in the area.

The PTAs of community schools are to find the major challenges facing schools in the area and map out strategies to guide government in the provision of infrastructure and the needed educational materials.

This was disclosed during a day’s dialogue session, on key educational issues, within the Bawku municipality and was funded by BEelim Wusa Development Agency (BEWDA) and Action Aid Ghana (AAG).

The session deliberated on issues such as, inadequate teaching staff, inefficient monitoring and supervision and inadequate information sharing on government policies, which included educational reforms, school feeding programme, capitation grants, free school uniforms and free exercise books, among others.

High immorality and indiscipline among some pupils, inadequate community and PTA support, inadequate classroom accommodation, which results in over enrolment of pupils and under enrolment of others, were underscored as great concerns in the municipality and needed to be given serious attention.

Mr Hassan Abdul-Moomin Dan, Municipal PTA Secretary, who made the presentation on behalf of the PTA Supervision and Advisory Committee, mentioned the chronic absenteeism, lateness, drunkenness and refusal of some teachers to accept postings to areas in the municipality, as well as mistrust and hatred among pupils and teachers, were some of the major challenges affecting education in the area.

Mr Abdul-Moomin Dan said there was the need to look into these issues because they affect the development of education.

Mr Patrick Adakurugu, representative from the Municipal Educational Directorate noted that, supervision and monitoring plays a key role in improving on quality of education.

He noted that improving on education did not mean injecting resources into the school system but rather, the proper management of resources at the school was crucial.

Mr Adakurugu said the directorate would take steps to sensitize stakeholders on the importance of in-school relationships between the heads of schools and teachers.

Source: GNA

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