Music can enhance psychological development of children- Koo Nimo

The intellectual development of the child could be best stimulated by music, Dr. Daniel Amponsah, popularly known in entertainment circles as Egya Koo Nimo, has revealed.

Dr. Amponsah made the revelation at a public lecture on Thursday, as part of the University of Cape Coast’s (UCC) occasional lecture series on the theme “Music: A Vital Ingredient for the Education of the Child”.

The ace Ghanaian guitarist and traditional folklore musician, urged Ghanaians to develop a healthy attitude towards music because “teaching interspersed with music is very effective”.

According to him the soothing rhythm and harmonious sounds of music could enhance the intelligent quotient of children and help sharpen their imaginations to facilitate excellent performance academically and socially, as they grow.

Koo Nimo, a trained technician, who worked at the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital some years back, but later branched into music, said an inter disciplinary approach in education was vital for a holistic solution to lapses in the country’s educational system.

He noted that music had become a strong tool for development in contemporary society and when well harnessed, could aid the social and physical development of the child, indicating that, Africans have a rich cultural heritage, particularly in music and story telling which must not be ignored.

Dr. Amponsah described music as an enlightening tool, which helps to educate the individual through its messages and help children take initiatives and be innovative.

He cited scholars like the late Albert Hannon and Herbert Spencer, saying research from these philosophers has proven how music therapy has not only made people brilliant and alert but have made “boys to become less wild, graceful and generally ended up in making boys exhibit good conduct”.

Dr. Amponsah also revealed that music therapy helps in neurosurgical operations by increasing the rate of development of the brain and reducing guilt and other emotional stress.

He pointed out that the indigenous culture of Ghanaians is music and called for full appreciation of traditional music for socio-economic development.

Dr. Amponsah thrilled the audience to some of his soothing traditional music with its characteristic stints of humour, as his smooth, silky and rich voice delivered some of his music like, “Aburokyire Abrabo”, “kweku dunsuro”, “Ohia ne yarie yeya”, among others.

Prof. Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang, Vice Chancellor of UCC, who chaired the function, praised Koo Nimo for his rich display of immense knowledge on traditional and folklore music.

She said his life as a technician and an artist shows that interdisciplinary studies was an effective means for development  and emphasized the need for the Arts and Sciences to be combined effectively, as extreme specialization has not been ideal for the growth of the nation.

Source: GNA

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