Libyan Embassy condemns “barbaric aggression” on citizens

The Libyan Embassy in Ghana on Friday condemned the NATO-led bombardment of Libya describing it as “barbaric aggression”.

The Embassy called on UN member states and other institutions to urge the Security Council to convene a special session to end the “imperialist and unjustifiable aggression”.

A statement issued in Accra by the Embassy on Friday said the NATO-led coalition attempted to assassinate the Libyan leader Muammar Al-Gathafi on April 24, 2011 as their air strike hit an administrative block used to host official delegations.

This, it said, resulted in the death of 10 civilians, adding “this dastardly and barbaric act is a clear violation of the UN Charter and overstepped the recent UN Security Council resolutions on Libya” that sanction air strikes to protect civilians.

“NATO’s continuous attacks have killed civilians and destroyed infrastructure under the guise of protecting civilians. They have also led to the siege of civilians, terrorising them and preventing them from carrying on with their lives or their professions such as fishing, and others, which are the only means of their livelihood.”

The Embassy said the bombings were “vivid aggression” on the sovereignty of Libya as well as a threat to her peace and stability.

It said an operation that targeted the lives of heads of state or world leaders was prohibited under national and international laws.

“There is no logical person who would accept such act to be part of the UN Security Council resolution. Even American, British or French laws would condemn it,” the Embassy said.

Source: GNA

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