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Ghana Commercial Bank customers appeal for another branch in Koforidua

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Customers of the Koforidua branch of the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) have appealed to the bank authorities to open another branch in the area to ease the long cues at the bank daily.

The customers said they abandon their work to be at the bank the whole day to transact business, and described the situation as “hell and hectic”.

They told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) that, they had regretted opening accounts and doing business with the bank.

Some National Service persons, who were at the bank to cash their allowances, indicated that the situation at GCB did not appeal to them to open accounts with the bank.

“Had it not been that our allowances are paid through this bank, we would not have been here to waste the whole time here leaving our work unfinished” they said.

When GNA enquired from them what they thought could be done to ameliorate the situation, they indicated that opening a new branch would be appropriate, since according to them, that would reduce the long cue by half and would make transactions easier and faster.

GNA’s observation at the bank revealed that there were nine tellers at the bank: one for foreign transactions and the remaining eight, attending to those depositing and withdrawing.

Also, it was observed that the long cue sometimes stretches beyond the doors of the banking hall.

The customers, however, praised the tellers for their hard work, saying that, they had nothing much against them, except that “at a time when we need all of them, some go out of their cubicles for more than fifteen minutes, despite the long cue”.

“This place is too small for the number of customers and we are only appealing to them to open another branch here for us, or else some of us will have to advise ourselves”, they said.

Source: GNA

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