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Do not impose religion on others – Maulvi Adam

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The Chairman, Ameer and Missionary, in charge of the Ahmadiyya Mission in Ghana, Maulvi Dr. Abdul Wahab Adam on Wednesday, debunked assertions in some quarters that Islam does not mix with other religions and therefore Islamic schools do not accept non Islamic students.

According to him, the culture of tolerance must be developed by all religious sects because it will require unity and oneness of purpose in all sectors to ensure that the nation developed to its fullest.

Maulvi Dr. Adam was addressing the sixth annual conference/workshop of heads and managers of Ahmadiyya Muslim Educational Institutions, at Ekumfi Ekrawfo, in the Mfantsiman Municipality, on the theme, “ensuring the capacity for survival of Ahmadiyya Muslim Institutions, the task of heads of Institutions”.

He asked religious groups not to impose their religion on others but to allow them to decide willingly and indicated that its Education Unit admits non Muslims, who are not compelled by any circumstances to covert to Muslims.

This was because society will produce a bunch of hypocrites if people are forced to join religious groups against their will, he cautioned, pointing out that, when people with different religious backgrounds co-exist in harmony and mutual respect, growth and development thrives.

“Freedom of worship will ensure survival for all because all citizens will jointly contribute their quota towards national growth”, he emphasized.

Maulvi Dr. Adam recalled some prominent personalities in the country, who attended Muslim schools but are now leaders of various churches and other high positions in the country.

He said Islam places premium on the acquisition of formal or circular education, adding that, any true religion will lay emphasis on its followers to pursue knowledge and acquire excellence in education.

The Ameer said the Mission encourages all people to vigorously acquire knowledge through formal education and ensures that it was achieved through its educational institutions.

The Mfantsiman Municipal Chief Executive, Mr Kweku Hayfron, observed that the proliferation of educational institutions had drawn a thing line between religious and circular institutions, posing a threat to the moral upbringing of children.

He reminded the heads and managers that they have a great task ahead of them in the face of adverse moral weaknesses in the society and urged them to strategize to meet the challenges, by inculcating the best spiritual, moral and educational discipline in their students.

Source: GNA

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