Use Islamic endowment funds for the needy – Muslim Youth

A Network of Muslim Youth Organisations in Ghana have expressed their concern about the existence of many Islamic Endowment funds which are not being used for the benefit of the poor and needy in society.

The Network therefore called on the Muslim leadership to take steps to register and coordinate the use of such funds to serve the interest of Muslim communities.

This was contained in a communiqué issued and signed by Hajj Abdel-Mannan Abdel Rahman, Coordinator of the recent Muslim Youth Summit held at Wa.

The communiqué also advocated that the National Hajj be organized by duly elected representatives of the Muslim Ummah and not by the hand-picked politicians in power.

The communiqué again called on all Muslim Youth Organisations in Ghana to champion activities in the area of sexual reproduction and health, gender and human rights in their communities.

The communiqué also raised concern over the continued immorality resulting from the blind emulation of foreign customs and practices and urged policy-makers and religious leaders to take steps to stop the menace.

It added that authorities in the educational sector should endeavour to tolerate and respect the rights of individuals with different religious persuasions.

On challenges faced by the Islamic Education Unit, the communiqué advised that structures should be put in place to capture the aspirations of Muslim youth and address the human resource deficiency in the Unit.

In addition, education authorities should also develop standardized syllabus for Islamic and Arabic studies.

Source: GNA

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