Agya Koo doesn’t deserve ‘Best Actor’ award – Enimil Ashon

Agyaa Koo (right) receiving the MPEG Award

The immediate past Editor of The Ghanaian Times, Mr Enimil Ashon has criticized the award that was conferred on film actor Kofi Adu also known as Agya Koo.

Agya Koo was honoured as  Ghana’s best film actor at the recently held Ghana Movie Awards.

Agya Koo also won an award at the maiden edition of the Most Popular Entertainer Ghana (MPEG) Honours 2010 as the MPEG’s Film Personality of the Year but was beaten by Footballer Asamoah Gyan to the topmost award –  MPEG’s Popular Entertainer.

Mr Ashon, who was speaking on Peace FM’s ‘Entertainment Review’ programme said anybody can do the kind of films that Agya Koo does.

He said “The type of films that Agya Koo does, can be done by anybody…the only qualification that one needs is someone who is not a shy type.”

“How can this country give its biggest award in film making to Agya Koo whiles there are so many other people who do great movies and play great roles?”, he questioned.

Mr. Ashon, who is also a co-host of  the TV programme “The Probe” on GTV, comparing Agya Koo to ace film actor David Dontoh, said while Agya Koo uses two days to do a movie, David Dontoh uses almost two months to study a script before coming into character.

According to him, doing a movie in two hours is a clear indication that there is no script attached to the movie and that movie will not make an impact.

“Is it because he has done 70 films in a year and that is why he was awarded?” he questioned.

But Mr. Socrates Safo, a movie producer, came to Agya Koo’s defense. He argued that because Agya Koo has a lot of roles to play in other movies, it is advisable to programme him in such a way that he could finish his role in a movie as quickly as possible in two days as it is been done elsewhere such as Hollywood.

By Ekow Quandzie

  1. erns says

    i so agree with Enimil,

    we don’t adjudge someone as best actor cos he can churn out 70 movies in a year, but how well he gets into character and convinces the audience to believe and understand them….

    Mr Safo doesnt know squat abt acting so his being a movie producer makes me wonder… cos of money he will produce 100 movies without quality.

    Agyaa Koo can make people laugh cos of his silly antics but doesnt make him a good actor, i actually think he sucks at acting… he actually just shows up and fools to make money and the movies are soooooo long it’s ridiculous…

  2. erns says

    also, Hollywood spends and invests good money into movies and allows their actors to get into character so Mr Safo saying as it is done in Hollywood is not true….. don’t think he can survive in Hollywood with his kind of movies…
    Agyaa Koo to become a good actor needs to stop accepting roles cos of the money but cos he loves to act and seriously work on that to produce better movies…..

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