Ghana, South Africa in Christian bilateral engagement

The Harvest Praise 2011, a Good Friday musical ministration in Accra, has ignited a gospel musical alliance between Ghana and South Africa, a disposition to strengthen Christian bilateral engagement between the two nations.

The stage was set by the Evergreen Harvest Gospel Choir that sung harmonious divinely inspired songs, which charged the audience unto the dancing floor, to celebrate the Good Friday chorography.

The youthful audience engaged in power, physic and gymnastic dancing and took control of the gangway and frontage of the platform, whilst the adults balanced the divinely charged ambiance with slow pace dancing and movements.

Harvest Praise, the most patronized gospel show during Easter, was organized by Harvest International Ministries, on the theme: “Amazing Grace” to offer gospel musicians an opportunity to fulfil the Great Commission – evangelize through gospel music.

The shouts, enthusiasm and gesticulation of either cloths or handkerchiefs, ushered anointed South African gospel legend, Reverend Benjamin Dube, unto the stage, and he was energized to respond quickly with powerful soul inspiring songs.

Backed by a four-member group, Rev Dube hypnotized the large audience with heavy South African accentuated songs including “Ngiyakuthanda Moy,” “Ongcwele,” “Thum,” “Imvuselelo Kimi Nkosi”.

Simply put heaven came down as the South African group increased the tempo of the show with divinely inspired and cross-over hit songs; “When I Think About Jesus and Holy Spirit”.

Encouraged by the unceasing applause and dancing, Rev Dube dramatically changed the cadence of the show with animated sounds, calculated movement and gestures to the admiration of the audience.

The Ghanaian gospel sensation, Cecilia Marfo bemused the charged gospel lovers and demonstrated to the South African Gospel team that Ghanaians too can sing with power and emotions as she perform local songs including; “Wokora Woye Odehye,” “Yesu Adi Nkunim,” and “Afunumuba”.

The unyielding good old Daughters of Glorious Jesus with their unique powerful voices were not left out of the show as they provided the balancing tempo with soothing worship songs.

Described as epitome of inspiration, excellence and professionalism in the gospel music industry, Daughters of Glorious Jesus re-enacted their songs including “Anwannwa Din,” “Mebo Yesu Din Daa,” “Mesom Awurade Daa,” “Daughters Praise 1,” and “Trimude”.

Rev. Fitzgerald Odonkor, Head Pastor of Harvest Chapel International, called on Ghanaians and Christians in particular to forgive those who sinned against them to give meaning to Easter that marked the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.

He explained that the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, signified reconciliation, power and amazing grace.

Rev. Fitzgerald Odonkor asked Christians to be humble to enable them to receive blessings from God, who loves them.
He advised that “Parents must reconcile with their children, friends with friends, neighbours with neighbours to give meaning to Easter.

“As the world and all its systems continue to fail humankind and as our earth is assailed by all manner of calamities from devastating earthquakes, wars and environmental catastrophes, it is time to reach out for grace, amazing grace of God that will never fail”.

Source: GNA

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