Burkina Faso protests halt business on common border with Ghana

Protests by a number of soldiers in Burkina Faso against delays in the payment of their salaries led to a hold-up of economic activities at Ghana’s border with Burkina Faso at Paga last Sunday.

Burkinabe soldiers in Po, the next major city in Burkina Faso after crossing the Paga Border Post, were said to have opened fire in the streets and looting shops at the weekend, situation which compelled Burkinabe customs officials and other vital service providers to flee their post.

A visit to the border last Sunday indicated that as a result of the mutiny, haulage trucks transporting goods from Ghana to that country had no option but to park on the shoulders of the road until the situation normalized.

Some tomato traders from Ghana told the Daily Graphic that in their attempt to cross over into Ouagadougou, they were manhandled by Burkinabe soldiers who took away their money and mobile phones.

Haulage drivers who had also parked their vehicles also bemoaned the hold-up, stressing that any further delay could affect business.

Officials of the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority and the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) on the Ghana side were seen at post.

According officials of the GIS at Paga, no Burkinabe had sought refuge in as a result of the revolt.

Source: Daily Graphic

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