Ticket confusion hits London 2012 Olympics

The London 2012 ticketing system has been branded confusing by a leading consumer magazine.

Matt Bath from ‘Which?’ told Sky News: “There’s a lot of confusion around the payment of tickets.

“A lot of consumers seem to be stuck still in the starting blocks when it comes to actually understanding what they are going to get and how they are actually going to pay for them.”

The criticism comes one week before applications for buying tickets to the 2012 Olympic Games closes.

The ticket deadline is 23:59 on April 26. But Mr Bath said the system is too complicated.

“There seems to be an awful lot of hurdles in the way of actually buying these tickets.

“People have to have the money in their bank accounts, because the money is taken from their account often many weeks before they even know what tickets they are going to win.

“So not only is it a lottery but it’s one you’re going to have to pay upfront before you even know if you’ve bought any tickets.”

However, Games boss Lord Coe is happy with how sales of the 6.6 million tickets have gone.

The chairman of the organising committee said: “It’s been strong, it’s healthy, it’s across all sports and it’s also, importantly, across all parts of the country.”
Source: Sky News

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