Situating waste dump at Haatso-Papao area creates unhappiness

Residents of the Haatso-Papao community have expressed their unhappiness about the situating of a human waste dump on the slopes of their community.

By clearing the sloppy area for the project, they have left us with no rain cover for the houses below said one resident.

The project is being constructed by the University of Ghana and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly and little care is being taken to protect the residents.

One of the residents Madam Afi Awummey said “we are scared to hear the coming of the rains because whenever it rains, water rushes down and floods the nearby houses.”

The GNA was taken round and shown several flood marks in different houses of the area.

She said “Our quiet area has never known such flooding before but since they started clearing the sloppy area, the last major rains rushed down directly to the adjacent houses breaking down the walls of five homes and flooding their rooms.”

She said “we have gone to register our protest to the authorities to change the location of the waste dump but our pleas have fallen on deaf ears.”

She said we asked them to build a wall and a gutter to channel the rushing floods to a nearby stream and away from our homes but the authorities have also refused to act on our plea.

She said we are thus appealing to the government to intercede on our behalf. The residents said coming to destroy their peaceful environment with foul smelling human waste was not acceptable and would use all peaceful means to ensure that the project was moved to a less populated area.

Source: GNA

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