Ghana’s Foreign Ministry cautions public about illegal travel to Malaysia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration on Monday noted with concern the increasing number of unsuspecting Ghanaians who have been deceived by fraudsters to travel to Malaysia for non-existent jobs.

This situation, it said in a statement issued in Accra, had led to an increase in the number of Ghanaians becoming destitute or stranded in Malaysia.

The Ministry advised the public to note that under the laws of Malaysia, any migrant or visitor who overstayed his/her visa may be imprisoned or fined in that country.

“Ghanaians wishing to travel to Malaysia for educational purposes must endeavour to carry all necessary documentation including a duly completed ‘No Objection Form’ signed by competent Ghanaian educational authorities certifying their eligibility.”

The statement said prospective foreign students may only be allowed to continue to stay in Malaysia upon the payment of the required school fees.

It also advised Ghanaian visa applicants to endeavour to submit their applications in person to the Visa Section of the Malaysian High Commission and desist from relying on unscrupulous visa contractors who have been issuing fake tourists visas in particular.

Source: GNA

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