AU Mission in Somalia wants support from member states

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which is working to create peace and stability in Somalia, on Sunday, expressed the need for more support and cooperation from member-states.

Mr Wafula Wamunyinyi, Deputy Special Representative of the Mission said many African countries, especially countries in West Africa had promised support “but the support is not forthcoming”.

“Nigeria promised to send troops in 2007 but we still do not have troops from Nigeria and Ghana has also promised to send troops,” adding that, the situation could be due to misinformation about Somalia.

Mr Wamunyinyi made the call at the end of a workshop organized for journalists across the sub region, especially those from countries expected to send troops, to inform them about the real situation in Somalia.

Somalia has for the past 20 years been in crisis, characterized by clans and war-lords, prompting the African Union Peace and Security Council to establish the AMISOM in January 2007.

Its mandate is to provide support to the Somalia Transitional Federal Institutions in facilitating the provision of humanitarian assistance and creating conducive conditions for long-term stability.

Mr Wamunyinyi said despite some successes achieved by AMISOM, Somalia was still faced with a number of challenges, pointing out that, the worrying issue in Somalia now was about the transitional period, which ends on 20th August this year, “but there seem to be no appropriate political arrangement to allow a seamless transition”.

He urged AU member-states to be more concerned about the situation “of our brothers and sisters in Somalia and help create a lasting peace in the country”.

Major Barigye Ba-Hoku, Spokesman for the Military Force in Somalia, reiterated the need for support and urged the international community to help Somalia with humanitarian assistance.

He said: “The rainy season is about to set in and many of our Somali brothers and sisters are living in tents just covered with cloth.”

Major Ba-Hoku said the sanitation and health situation in Somalia currently cannot support the whole population and there is an urgent need for help.

Source: GNA

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