Pensioners asked to switch to E-zwich

The Manager of the Gomoa Rural Bank at Apam, Mr Joseph Nyanyi, has appealed to pensioners to switch to E-zwich because of its advantages.

He said Ghana is moving from paper money transaction to electronic money transaction and this makes the holder of E-Zwich easy to transact business.

Mr Nyanyi was addressing members of the Gomoa District branch of the Ghana Government Pensioners Association (GGPA) at its monthly meeting at Apam on Tuesday.

With the E-zwich, the holder does not need to carry bulk sums of money on him or her and also in the event of the card getting missing, no other person can temper with the holder’s account, he said.

The Accountant of the Bank, Mr Daniel Gyampoh, said the card is free and that salaried workers would have half their salaries loaded on it whilst the other half would be paid manually.

He said there is no disadvantage in the system and rather makes all monetary transactions very easy for the holder.

“If mistakenly the holder loses the card, his money would remain intact and that no armed robber can even manipulate it”.

Source: GNA

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