AFAG urges government to support the Eminent Chiefs to solve Dagbon crisis

The Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG), has appealed to the Government to support the three Eminent Chiefs in their efforts to chart a lasting road map towards peace in Dagbon.

They are the Asantehene, Nayiri and Yagbonwura.

“The nation cannot afford to continue to lose lives and properties unnecessarily“, it added in a statement issued in Accra on Wednesday on the Dagbon crisis.

AFAG observed with shock and dismay that the current happenings in the long running Abudu and Andani saga and the on-going row over the issue seemed unending but more importantly was the lack of headway on the issue.

“Our position is that, if the trend continues this way, none of the two gates will be winners. The Abudus and Andanis will all be losers together with the nation.”

“AFAG appreciates that, some wounds are long to forget and to heal. This notwithstanding, political parties who have used this sad scar as vote winning tool, should be ashamed of themselves and think of Ghana first. The youth and people of Dagbon have the right to peaceful environment, and freedom of movement,” it added.

It therefore called on the youth of both gates to consider the interest of the larger society and their collective future as they embarked on any vengeful action they would regret in future.

“We call on them not to allow themselves to be exploited by unscrupulous personalities. Furthermore, all political parties have the moral obligation to rein in on their supporters to bring stability and balance within the region in order to avert further bloodshed, disturbances and destruction of properties,” the statement said.

Source: GNA

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