Facebook Group calls for justice for Amina, victim of sexual molestation at the University of Ghana

A group has been formed on Facebook to campaign for justice for Amina, the young lady who allegedly stole a laptop and some mobile phones at the University of Ghana campus and was caught and subjected to sexual molestaions by some students. The group was started by 27-year-old Kwame E. Bidi, a Ghanaian based in the US. Kwame studied for his first degree at the University of Ghana, Legon.

The Facebook Group page called “PETITION: Send AMINA to Hospital & Bring Culprits to JUSTICE (1/2 Million)” is calling for Amina to be sent to the hospital to receive medical treatment instead of being kept in police custody.

The Page, made up of Ghanaians both home and abroad, also called on President Mills and the Attorney General to ensure that students who were allegedly shown in the video assaulting Amina sexually by “forcing her legs open and inserting their fingers in her private parts as well as stripping her naked” are brought to book for justice to prevail.

The University of Ghana should draw up a policy plan that will prevent future occurrences, the group urged.

“After stripping her naked, assaulted her sexually by forcing her legs open and inserting their fingers in her private parts! Yes, these are University students in whose hands the future of Ghana lies”, the Group writes.

Brian Laung Aoaeh, page administrator, writes in an open letter that when he first saw the video, it brought tears into his eyes.

“I watched the video in shock and horror on Friday while I was at work. What I saw first brought tears to my eyes, and then filled me with outrage.”

He continued: “No Ghanaian, man or woman, should have to endure what the victim went through…not in the face of allegations of any kind.”

Franklin Cudjoe of Imani Ghana, who is also a member of the page, writes: “I won’t rest until the evil doers are brought to book. I’m in Ghana this week!”

The University Vice Chancellor, Professor Ernest Ayeetey is reported to have said that the act was shameful and students implicated will be punished.

Police authorities are also conducting their investigations.

“If we leave this incident in the hands of the police alone, without following up on it, we all know what would happen: Within a week, NDC/NPP headlines will steal our memory and justice may be denied”, the group says.

The page has over 600 members but it is not yet known how many people are supporting Amina on other social media networks such as Twitter.

Meanwhile the video which has been circulated all over facebook seems to be removed.


By Ekow Quandzie

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  1. Kwame E. Bidi says

    It is important to stress that the facebook Group, officially known as UNITED FOR JUSTICE – GHANA (UFJ–G), takes a unique perspective of the case involving Amina. We do not believe that criminal prosecution of the culprits in itself represents a win for rule of law and justice. We understand that the students involved are going to be marred by this incident for the rest of their lives and so is Amina.

    United For Justice–Ghana, instead, emphasizes on how best civil society groups and the government can help to:

    (1) Educate the public and students at all levels to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with rule of law in similar cases

    (2) Put in structures and conditions in place that will help discourage instances of mob injustices in the country in a proactive manner.

    Allied to the above, if Amina is found guilty of theft or attempted theft, we are not in the way of the law. We are motivated by the injustice metted out to the defenseless victim. This injustice in itself is quite independent of the alleged crime perpetuated by the victim.

    This is our stand.

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